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Photo Credit Malibu Beach Yoga 7/25/2014

In 2014, Cathy Crystal was asked by the Malibu Beach Yoga to bless the beachside studio.

Along that shamanic journey, Cathy Crystal was introduced to Khen Rinpoche.

Khen is a Tibetan Buddhist monk and founding director of the Siddartha School in Ladakh, India. Rinpoche was staying in Malibu for a month in the summer of 2014. Notably, Cathy Crystal enjoyed sharing wisdom about the Mani prayer wheel. This traditional Buddhist wheel is filled with thousands of mantras which are the universal mantra of compassion. When the wheel is turned (clockwise), it releases these mantras of compassion into the world

Rinpoche was born in Ladakh, India. In 1953, at fifteen years old, he walked over 960 miles to Shigatse, Tibet to join the Tashi Lungpo monastery. He returned to Ladakh to escape the religious persecution in occupied Tibet in 1960. Rinpoche was appointed abbot of Tashi Lungpo monastery in Bylakuppe, India by His Holiness the Dali Lama in 2005. Rinpoche is the founding director of the Siddartha School in his native village of Ladakh, India. The school serves children in preschool through tenth class, and its students include nomadic children and orphans of the remote Chang Tang area.

During their spiritual session with Tarot Cards and Clear-Energy channeling, Cathy Crystal revealed numerous paths for Ken Rinpoche’s spiritual and financial prospects. Cathy Crystal remembers with sheer amusement when Khen’s cell phone rang under his protective robe. Cathy’s Tarot was blessed by Khen’s compassionate energy…














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